The 5th Step to Successful Copywriting: Polish and Publish Your Copy

Welcome to the last step to successful copywriting. After you’ve written your copy, you need to make sure it’s polished before you publish it.

Take a break. Walk away from your copy for a day so you can check it with fresh eyes. You’ll be able to see mistakes more clearly.

Cut the excess. Cut out anything that doesn’t support your main idea. Get rid of anything that’s redundant. Remove any filler words. Can you shorten any of your sentences or words? Can you replace any long words with short words?

Make sure it flows. Did you write your copy in a logical sequence? Could you rearrange it so it makes better sense? Is anything missing?

Check grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Your copy will look unprofessional if it has errors. You can find lots of free tools online to check your copy – and they are usually better than Microsoft Word spelling and grammar checker.

Read your copy out loud. Read it out loud to yourself. You want your copy to sound conversational. If it sounds awkward when you read it out loud, make some changes. Then read it out loud to someone else. If they have a puzzled look on their face, you need to make some changes.

Ask someone else to read your copy. The second set of eyes can pick up on things you’ve missed and give you some ideas for improvement.

Publish your copy. You’ve already decided how you’re going to get your copy to your audience. Now is the time to do it. Good luck!

“Write without fear. Edit without mercy.” – Rogena Mitchell-Jones

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